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We want our Customers to be delighted with our services. 

We want our Customers to trust they are in safe hands. 

We must be open, share the way we do things. We want our Customers to be informed.

We want Customers to use our services again and again.

Darn & Dance UK

July 2017 saw the launch of Darn & Dance, an internet company created to provide a Pointe shoe darning service to the masses.  The concept was born 15 months previous when I experienced seeing parents frustrated and dreading the fact they had to learn/spend time darning Pointe shoes!     

As soon as my daughter started on Pointe it was my turn!  I was pleasantly surprised at how therapeutic the whole darning process was, and how relaxed I felt at the end. 12 months later and the original darn is still in tact. 

The upside?  My daughter has outgrown her Pointe shoes and we look forward to darning more pairs for her.

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Associates NYC

Our NYC Associates work within the business to ensure all our US  orders are processed, checked and delivered to the highest standards. 

All pointe shoes are personally checked for quality before packaging  for shipping back to you.

We have quick turnaround times 3-5 working days, so you are not without your Pointe shoes for too long. 

Please allow 7-10 days for  orders of more than 2 pairs.  

We want to grow our Associate team in the coming years  to include workers and Ambassadors from all over the World. 

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All orders are processed online 24/7 for darning pointe shoes, sewing ribbons and elastics.

For queries you can contact us using our Toll Free number +44(0)808 155 6358

When pointe shoes have been securely packaged please ship them to Andrea DiPace Plattner

17 Kent Road

Cornwall Bridge

CT 06754

Remember to  include any special instructions.


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